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This Review Reveals Minor Details About the Plot.

Bean Bag Boys

Good Boys (2019) on IMDb

Plot Overview

middle schoolThey call themselves the Bean Bag Boys. They've been friends since kindergarten. Their parents are friends, and they live near each other. They're anchored in their friendship. The bean bag is a comfy seat until one tries to rise up out of it; then he may find himself engulfed. Max (Jacob Tremblay) remarks, “We're in the sixth grade now; we need to start doing sixth-grade things.” He will discover it's not so easy to take off in a new direction.

school cafeteriaMax has a crush on exotic Brixlee (Millie Davis) whom he observes from a distance. One day in the lunch room he receives a surprise sum­mons to the popular table. One of the kids is throwing a kissing party. Brixlee will be there. They need more boys to even out the numbers, so they're inviting Max. Max won't do any­thing with­out his two friends Lucas (Keith L. Williams) and Thor (Brady Noon) so they're invited, too.


Starting relations with a new girl is dicey enough even for those with experience; this is his first time. It should prove inter­esting, along the lines of, (Prov. 30:18-19) “There be three things which are too wonder­ful for me, yea, four which I know not: The way of an eagle in the air; the way of a serpent upon a rock; the way of a ship in the midst of the sea; and the way of a man with a maid.” The proverb lists three kinds of movement difficult to track visually, then caps it off with the epitome of mystery: male-female relations. “Good Boys” has its own intrinsic movements to prepare us for the prize.

“The way of an eagle in the air,” corresponds to an appropriated flying drone the boys use to research how to kiss. Kissing couples, how­ever, generally prefer some privacy for their act. They don't cotton to a hovering craft in the periphery. This leads to some dramatic aerial acrobatics.

“The way of a serpent upon a rock,” corresponds to the hermit crab one of the boys owned. Hermit crabs live in the shells of other creatures. When they grow too big for their house, they have to find a new one or else die. Max is expanding his horizons to include girls. His friends won't necessarily expand with him, at least not in the same direction.

“The way of a ship in the midst of the sea,” corresponds here to the three boy pedestrians trying to cross a busy free­way in a mad dash. Perhaps they'll get stuck on the median. There's also the question of whether any or all of them can completely trans­ition to liking girls and not be left inchoate, half in and half out.

Production Values

” (2019) was directed by Gene Stupnitsky who co-wrote it with Lee Eisenberg. It stars Jacob Tremblay, Keith L. Williams, and Brady Noon. The three young leads did a credible job, though their youthful inexperience led to some wooden deliveries at times.

MPAA rated it R for strong, crude sexual content, drug and alcohol material, and language throughout – all involving tweens. To be sure, it realistically portrayed how some of them speak these days. The pacing was right on the money. It was filmed on location in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Review Conclusion w/ Christian Recommendation

This one made me laugh in spite of myself as it somehow portrayed adult foibles in adolescent garb. What you see is what you get.

Movie Ratings

Action factor: Edge of your seat action-packed fun. Suitability For Children: Not Suitable for Children of Any Age. Special effects: Well done special effects. Video Occasion: Good Date Movie. Suspense: A few suspenseful moments. Overall movie rating: Three and a half stars out of five.

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