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Where the Big Screen meets the Good Book

Catholic visionary Maria Valtorta quoted Jesus as saying, "I am wherever there is life or a manifestation of life. Wherever a wise man meditates, a sculptor sculpts, a poet writes, ... I am there together with Him from Whom I come. ... I am there with the Most High Creator" (333).

John W. Whitehead, on "GOD AND FILM" writes, "In this chaotic age, people are increasingly seeking something outside themselves to give order and meaning to their lives. While painting once tackled these questions, modern film now addresses this search, which inevitably includes the subject of God. Of all the artistic forms throughout the ages, film may be the most suitable forum for the discussion of religion and God" (267).

If Jesus is in all works of art, and especially in film, then movies should yield that influence through comparison with the Bible. Such I have tried to do in these my reviews, updated weekly, by including an Ideology section in each of them. I don't have a particular point to make other than finding a biblical comparison most apropos to the material.

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